A young and ambitious group of entrepreneurs had this great idea for an app, but didn't know where to begin. In their search for help, they found Hundred Spires.


After some discussion we were able to capture that lightening of an idea and turn it into a product or service. In this case, we turned it into a strategy to develop an evolutionary social experience. With the power of the crowd, interesting things can happen. That's what we set out to do here-


We approached this project with the mindset of a teen in the selfie generation. Interactions had to be slick and simple. Sharing was good, but anonymity was f*cking cool. We designed viral loops to hook the user upon first contact and encourages repeat use and crazy-good sharing via word of mouth.


Not yet released, sign up for their beta launch @ www.gettenapp.com


"Working with these guys was a breath of fresh air. They cut right to the chase, and helped us focus our vision into an amazing mobile experience. Our app is so much more vibrant and interactive thanks to working with Hundred spires."

what our customers think

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