A couple of MBA business plan prize winners needed a product partner to help launch their world-changing idea.


The mission of this company is bold and ambitious- build self-reliance in communities through commerce. We helped them instill that goal into a product, ultimately choosing to focus on a mobile-first micro-donation and amplification platform for community nonprofits.


Guiding the build of a product requires understanding who you're building for. 'The community' is too broad. Reviewing published statistics with the client, we narrowed our attention to the fringe donor represented by generation Y. Capturing the personas of our target user refined the plethora of considered features. Also as a donation app, we used an omni-platform strategy for maximum reach.


The outcome was a simple to use app that made donating surprisingly fun. The stripped down feature set brought the core concept to the forefront. In initial tests, user adoption and retention has been through the roof.


"As students, money was tight and ambitions were high. We looked closely at coders on sites like Odesk and Elance but had an incredibly frustrating experience attempting to work with talent from those sites. Choosing to work with Hundred Spires has been a godsend. They're smart, they're fast, and they're talented. We look forward to working with them on the next version!"

what our customers think

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