A group of hackathon winners realized with their full-time jobs, they'd need help jumpstart the idea and take it to the next level.


Think Mint for Businesses. Expensa is a SaaS accounting platform for SMBs to easily track and manage business activity. The complete solution integrates employee credit cards and multiple bank accounts for automated reporting that gives companies a grip on expenses and payroll.


Built a responsive software as a service that utilizes sensitive financial APIs for a simple, intuitive workflow that any non-accountant can use.


Expensa supports hundreds of SMBs with fully integrated solutions for a wide range on small business needs.


"Users love Expensa- "I manage multiple businesses remotely. Expensa helps eliminate the clutter and confusion with tracking my business expenses." - small business owner "Expensa saves us on the headache of tedious paper filings."

what our customers think

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